The Walking Dead: 10 Characters Most Likely To Die In Season 10

10. Lydia


Hear us out on this one, because we’re willing to concede that it could go either way. As a former Whisperer and the daughter of this season’s big bad/ recent decapitation victim Alpha, Lydia inhabits an interesting position on the show.

Sure, she’s young and innocent enough (as innocent as anyone on The Walking Dead ever will be, that is) to potentially become a central member of the survivors in the coming episodes, especially since escaping Negan’s clutches and arriving at the battle, along with the death of her mother, leaves her allegiances even clearer than ever before.

But that same relative innocence would make her death a crushing blow to viewers, especially after her recent absence. Not unlike Daryl and Michonne, offing one of the returning cast could make it clearer than ever that no one is safe amongst the show’s decreasing cast, and short of ending either Carol or Negan, that’s likely to be a move the showrunners will want to make before the end of the tenth season.


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