The Walking Dead: 10 Horrifying Comic Book Moments Never In The TV Show

9. The Death Of Anthony Keith

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Death
Image Comics

In both the TV series and the comic, the Commonwealth seems too good to be true when our heroes first arrive, and in both cases, it is. In the comics, as Michonne is taking a walk through the Commonwealth's streets with her recently re-discovered daughter, Elodie, they are attracted by a commotion caused by a resident attacking a Commonwealth Trooper after learning said Trooper was sleeping with his wife.

Upon investigating, they find a group of Troopers brutally beating a man named Anthony Keith. Michonne intervenes to stop the beating, but Anthony dies in hospital later in the issue. His death is swept under the rug, angering Michonne, and signalling to our heroes that the Commonwealth is not nearly as perfect as it seems.

In the TV series, a lot of the deaths swept under the rug by the Commonwealth either occur offscreen, or are only hinted at. While a similar tragic fate was briefly teased for fan favourite Eugene Porter, he is ultimately rescued when Commander Mercer joins the growing rebellion in the Commonwealth.


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