The Walking Dead: 10 Horrifying Comic Book Moments Never In The TV Show

These Walking Dead comic moments were a little too gruesome for TV screens.

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Death
AMC/Image Comics

A surprise hit in the early 2010s that soon grew into a worldwide phenomenon, Zombie Apocalypse drama The Walking Dead has finally come to an end after an unprecedented twelve-year, eleven-season run.

Considering the series' zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic setting, the show was packed full of horrifying moments; some heartbreaking (Hershel Greene, Beth Greene, Carl Grimes, Rosita Espinosa), others satisfying (The Governor, Alpha, Sebastian Milton), and those that were horrifyingly gory - notable among these the death of Noah, torn apart by Walkers in full sight of the viewer, and the brutal murders of Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford at the hands of Negan.

The moments mentioned above are just a few of the horrible events viewers witnessed in The Walking Dead's eleven seasons. However, some fans may be surprised to learn that the comic books on which the TV series is based are, at times, even worse. Robert Kirkman's comics were originally published in black and white, and for this reason were able to feature levels of violence, horror, and gore that could not safely translate to Television.

So, let's look at a few of those moments.

10. The Murder Of Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Death
Image Comics

In the comics, as in the show, relations between our core survivors and the Elite leadership of the Commonwealth eventually deteriorates to the point that war seems inevitable. In the comics, Rick Grimes manages to prevent this war with a rousing speech, reminding everyone that their true enemies are the zombies, not each other, and they have a chance to build something even better than what the world was before. For a while, it seems as if the Commonwealth arc is headed for a peaceful, happy ending.

Unfortunately, Sebastian Milton, son of now-former Commonwealth Leader Pamela Milton, soon sneaks into Rick's living quarters and shoots him dead, leaving Carl to later discover and dispose of his Father’s zombified corpse. Sebastian, upset at his impending loss of status, assumed Rick’s death would return things to ‘normal’. Instead, Rick’s death made him a martyr. The more peaceful world Rick worked so hard to create comes true, but he never gets to see it.

In the TV series, Rick, who has been missing, feared dead since season nine, is confirmed to be alive, ready to fight another day in an upcoming spin-off.


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