The Walking Dead: 10 Huge Questions For Season 10's Finale

With the finale delayed, here's all the loose threads we need addressed in 10x16.

The Walking Dead Ninja

As the world groaned to a hat without precedent recently, the film and TV industry had some seriously big casualties. Unfortunately, that included the Walking Dead Season 10 Finale, A Certain Doom, which was delayed until later this year, alongside the upcoming spin-off show, World Beyond.

Until we get the finale, we've got months of time to speculate and theorise on what the traditionally fire-works worthy full-top to the season will bring. One thing's for certain - Norman Reedus says it's legendary...

Could there be deaths? Probably. Will there be huge surprises? Inevitably. And what will become of the survivors? It's hard to say. But those are just some of the questions we're looking forward to.

10. When Is It Coming?

The Walking Dead Ninja

The biggest and most obvious question is simply - when? With the episode delayed and the world at a standstill, it’s almost ironic that an apocalyptic show like The Walking Dead is brought to a halt by a virus. It could be weeks or months late, there is not much telling apart from a few vague details given by the crew working on the show.

We know it’s only the post production left unfinished, so there is no filming left to do. CG and editing work can be done easier remotely than on-set filming, so it’s hard to say.

We’ve received both a trailer and an opening minutes for A Certain Doom, so it looks almost finished, which matches up with comments from showrunner Angela Kang like “We’re almost at that finish line. They’re trying to finish what they can, and then once things are up and running, we’ll finish it out and air it.”.


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