The Walking Dead: 10 Huge Questions For Season 10's Finale

9. What Is Maggie’s Return Going To Be Like?

The Walking Dead Ninja

Lauren Cohan is back! After a pay dispute for unequal treatment from Lincoln / Reedus, Cohan temporarily left the show and jumped over to CBS show Whiskey Cavalier. The show only lasted one season before cancellation, so she’s back, and confirmed to be returning to a series regular come season 11.

Maggie left the show in 9x05, the same episode as Rick’s departure. In-universe, she left the Hilltop community to go help the mysterious Georgie (who we met in Season 8’s The Key) set up a new community. Since then they’ve communicated with her via letters, and Carol’s most recent letter announced the deaths of Jesus, Enid and Tara, promoting Maggie back into the fray.

It’s hard to even tell what she’s going to be like upon her return, as the show is so different. Her three closest friends are dead, her community destroyed and Negan roaming free - it’s hard to tell how she will react. The Maggie of old would likely be out for justice and revenge, but will have to see how the six-year timeskip has affected her as well as the new location and raising a son, with Hershel Jr. set to be around eight years old at this point in the timeline.

It’s fair to assume she will be the 'cavalry' arriving to help out her people, but who knows if it’s just her returning, or whether she’s bringing firepower from Georgie’s mysterious community.


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