The Walking Dead: 10 Outrageous Comic Moments That Won't Be Used

Sometimes Kirkman goes too far even for THIS show.

The Walking Dead Comic Censored
Image Comics

Despite being a basic cable show, The Walking Dead takes the sort of risks more associated with something like HBO. It positively ladles on the blood.

It drips with violence and gore, not afraid to really show the horrors that come with living in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world. It has also earned a reputation for happily killing off its cast members, and you get the feeling no one is safe, even more so than with Game Of Thrones.

Of course if Daryl dies we riot, but it could still happen; same with Rick, Carol, and pretty much anyone else. That's sort of the perverse appeal.

So how far is too far for the show? Is there a limit on where they are willing to go? The evidence up to this point suggests not, but there may be some things just too dark or crazy even for this darkly-crazy, crazily-dark TV show.

Based on the graphic novels of the same name, it has taken an awful lot from the source material, although played fast and loose with just how faithful it is. That is still a major source of inspiration though, and anyone wanting to gain an idea of what will happen can look to the comics for some clues.

The novels, though, have even more freedom with what they can do, and there are moments that you imagine there’s no way they could include on the show. Here’s a look at the most outrageous that won’t be coming to screens anytime soon… 

10. The Suicide Pact

The Walking Dead Comic Censored
Image Comics

Viewers are well acquainted with Tyrese, the kind and caring survivor from Woodbury who joins Rick’s group and eventually dies in season 5. However, in the comics his story is a little different.

He has a daughter, Julie, and she and her boyfriend Chris realise the perilous, hopeless situation they are in and form a suicide pact. The plan is to make love, and then shoot each other in the head. 

It doesn’t exactly work out.

Chris is a little premature in pulling the trigger, resulting in his killing Julie while staying alive himself, and Tyrese ends up choking him to death. Obviously this wouldn’t have worked in the show, as Tyrese never had a daughter, instead appearing with his sister Sasha. She could have been involved in a similar suicide pact, but it’s crazy to think of Tyrese losing control like that.

Now that he is dead it’s almost certain that the suicide pact won’t be featured in any way, which is a shame because it was one of the most tragic earlier storylines. Plus Sasha is super annoying.


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