The Walking Dead: 10 Twists You Never Saw Coming

Game-changing, unexpected twists? The Walking Dead has them.

The Walking Dead Sophia

With The Walking Dead recently announcing that the show was going to be entering its final chapter, it seems to be a great time to look back at some of the greatest twists in the shows ten year history. After all, the show has thrown countless plot twists at the audience since the very first season to keep the viewers on their toes.

Some of these plot twists owe their origin to the comic book series, but others are completely unique to the show, making them that much more shocking. There is always a sense with The Walking Dead that you never quite know what could happen next, especially in the later seasons when the writers took huge risks, some of which actually backfired greatly.

Whether they worked or not isn't the focus of this list, though. But instead just how shocking the twists were for viewers. Some of these unexpected moments are still mentioned in discussion regarding plot twists to this day, a clear sign that the writers achieved their goal of surprising the audience and stimulating conversation about the show.

10. Eugene Was Lying All Along

The Walking Dead Sophia

Eugene was introduced at a very interesting point in the show. The group had lost their home, had been split up and were truly at the lowest they had ever been. This is when the writers decided to introduce Eugene, a man who claimed to be a scientists with the ability to end the undead pandemic that had overtaken the world. It offered the characters a glimmer of hope after so much had already been lost.

While this storyline had already been explored in the comics and Eugene had been revealed to be a liar, not everyone had read the source material. Even some comic fans began to wonder if the show would take a huge turn from the source material and make it so Eugene was telling the truth. After all, they had already introduced the CDC in the first season.

But this was not the case and Eugene revealed himself to be a liar in season five. Any hope of the undead nightmare coming to an end was nothing more than a pipe dream, and just served to knock down the group once more. After everything that had happened, audiences really thought it might be time for the group to catch a break. Sadly they were wrong.


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