The Walking Dead: 10 Twists You Never Saw Coming

9. Beth's Death

The Walking Dead Sophia

Beth's death came as a shock because not only had she been missing for the past half season of the show, but the three episodes leading up to her death had centred just on getting her home. So when it came to the mid-season finale, nobody was really expecting the writers to throw a curveball and have Beth die from a fatal headshot.

Even moments before the incident it looks like the group have won and they'll all get to go home together. It's not until the last moment where Beth decides to try and kill Officer Dawn that it seemed anything could go wrong. But the moment she stuck those scissors into Dawn's chest, everyone knew what was coming next.

The twist has been loved and hated. Many disliked losing Beth after spending so long watching the characters try to find her and questioned her motivation in stabbing Dawn. But many applauded the shock value of the death, citing that the show does promise that no character is safe at any time. Whether you like Beth's demise or not, you can't argue that it came as a shock.


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