The Walking Dead: 10 Ways The Rick Grimes Movie Can Save The Show

Rick Grimes’ return will jumpstart a new era for The Walking Dead saga.


Rick Grimes is coming to a theater near you! Andrew Lincoln is reprising his star-making role in a trilogy of films. Fans have missed seeing The Walking Dead’s protagonist in live action and his return to the franchise is highly anticipated.

Launching the debut Rick Grimes film in cinemas is a game changer for the series and may be the catalyst needed to push The Walking Dead’s popularity to the next level. Despite continuing dips in viewership over the past few seasons, The Walking Dead’s Ninth and Tenth Seasons were critically acclaimed, and now is the perfect time to re-attract former viewers back to the series.

Rick Grimes’ theatrical debut presents a unique opportunity for the franchise develop a symbiotic relationship between the large and small screen as well. His solo debut will spark the dawn of a shared Walking Dead universe and, if successful, should lead to even more solo films for fan-favorite characters and restored ratings for The Walking Dead. So, let's explore how the upcoming movie can impact the future of the franchise and reinvigorate interest in the core series.


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