The Walking Dead: 10 Ways The Rick Grimes Movie Can Save The Show

10. Addressing The Weirdness Of Rick's Absence


The television series instigated a time-jump after Rick Grimes’ rescue in “What Comes After.” Therefore, the film will likely explore Rick’s experiences during the six-year time gap between the hero's rescue by a mysterious group with a three-ring symbol known as the Civil Republic Military (CRM) and Judith’s reemergence as a precocious nine-year old.

Exploring years of Rick’s exile can answer key mysteries in the series. For example, in Michonne’s final episode “What We Become,” she finds a phone with etching of herself and Judith. However, Judith is pictured as she looks now, not as how Rick should have last remembered her. The film can answer this question by showing if Rick has been keeping surveillance on Alexandria this whole time or if the phone is a plant by someone with nefarious intent to hurt Rick by striking at his family.

Furthermore, the film can explore the reasons why Rick has not come back for his family, especially when the cell phone discovery indicates that he may be aware of their current whereabouts. He may be unable to travel due to a severe injury or a large geographic distance without personal access to a means of transportation. However, the film may have a more creative reason for Rick’s absence. For example, Rick might know that finding his family will put them at greater risk.

Either way, it can satisfyingly address the weirdness that's been hanging over the show.


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