The Walking Dead: 8 Best Deaths Of Season 10 (So Far)

Which losses have defined the first half of the the show's latest season?

Dante Siddiq The Walking Dead

It's been a week since the tenth season of The Walking Dead concluded the first half of its run. Though it arguably has yet to match the sorts of highs that season nine brought with it, it's had an interesting set of diverse episodes that has challenged numerous characters we've come to know while moving ever closer to the inevitable resolution of the Whisperer conflict.

As always, however, the first half of the season brought with it a handful of losses on both sides of the line. In typical The Walking Dead fashion, characters major and minor lost their lives, some that had it coming to them, some punished for doing the right thing, and others even betrayed by the very people they've come to trust.

While we wait for the show to return next February, let's look back over the season's first half now that the dust has settled in order to sort out which deaths stood out the most, focusing explicitly on those we were witness to and not those that occurred off screen or were implied. Be warned, though, as spoilers lurk just around the corner...

8. Cheryl

The Episodes: "Open Your Eyes" and "The World Before"

How it Happened:

After suffering from the mysterious illness affecting many behind the walls of Alexandria, Cheryl passed away, with Siddiq discovering Dante digging her grave. However, in the very next episode, flashbacks revealed that she hadn't passed from the illness, but rather thanks to Dante, who smothered her with a pillow in her own bed.

Why It's on This List:

We didn't know Cheryl for very long, but she proved to be a likable character in what little screentime she got, even comforting Siddiq through her own suffering. That Dante killed her by his own hand only proved how cruel this world can be even when one's made peace with the fate they believed they were dealt, and revealed just how far Dante was willing to go for Alpha.


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