The Walking Dead: 8 Major Spoilers For The Second Half Of Season 6

Who lives, who dies, and just what the f**k should we expect from Negan?

After a disappointing couple of years, it's fair to say that The Walking Dead has become one of the best TV shows out there right now. While some find themselves frustrated with its slower pace of storytelling and the decision to often take the spotlight away from characters like Rick, Daryl, and Michonne, the first half of season six didn't have a single weak episode, despite the controversy surrounding Glenn's "death." However, things look set to speed up considerably when the hit series returns next month, as a herd of walkers invade the Alexandria Safe Zone and a certain foul-mouthed villain makes his presence felt in a big way. As ratings continue to break records and fans become more and more desperate to learn what's next for a show which has veered away from the comics to become its own thing (hence why there's very little point looking there for clues now), the rumour mill for what's to come in the second half of The Walking Dead's sixth season has gone into overdrive, and it sounds like it's going to be epic. From leaked footage to set photos and various other spoiler reports, the floodgates full of spoilers for what's to come have opened, and Negan might just be the least of Rick Grimes' growing list of problems...

8. We're Going To Meet Dwight

The Walking Dead is handling the introduction of Negan in a very different way to the comics, as the show will be taking a slow burn approach and teasing his arrival rather than having him suddenly appear. That's an interesting direction to take things in, and it also means that we'll be introduced to some of his supporting cast in the meantime, a fact which became evident thanks to the midseason finale's after-credits scene. Thanks to some set photos, we know that Dwight (perhaps the most well known and well developed member of the Saviours) will be among them. An actor has been spotted on set sporting near identical facial scars to the ones you see in the image above, and the similarities are too close for that to have just been a random extra who gets injured in some way. Who's playing Dwight? I'll come back to that a little later. They don't seem to have cast a big name actor anyway, an interesting decision seeing as Dwight plays such a pivotal role in the comics and presumably will here too. In them, it was Negan who burned his face as a way of punishing him for sleeping with his own wife, a woman Negan had claimed for himself (that's how twisted the guy is). He wields a crossbow and is responsible for the death of a major character.

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