The Walking Dead: Predicting The Casualties Of The Season 10 Finale

9. Scott


Considering how little audiences have actually seen him since his debut, Scott (Kenric Green) has been around since the very first episode of season six.

From what's been seen of him, he's proven to be a loyal, measured and well-liked member of the Survivors. Living in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, he nearly met his end during his debut season, but has since remained unscathed by the outside world.

Having already massively exceeded his comic counterpart's lifespan (who didn't even make it beyond his tenth appearance), Scott is the ideal side character to meet an unceremonious end in the coming conflict.

Currently trapped with Gabriel and the Survivors hiding out in the Tower, which is about to be overrun by Beta and his hoard, Scott might prove to be one of the casualties of the final fight. If he does go, here's to hoping he goes down fighting.


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