The Walking Dead Season 11 Review: 7 Ups & 3 Downs From "Promises Broken"

The Walking Dead's latest episode sets up some big confrontations.

The Walking Dead

Following on from last week's masterful hour of horror (an episode that will be hard to top), The Walking Dead has boldly continued to move from strength-to-strength in its latest episode, Promises Broken.

The episode this time has three main storylines: There's Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and Princess's struggles to fully integrate or trust the ominous Commonwealth; Negan, Maggie, Gabriel and Elijah plot a way to take down the Reapers; and Daryl grapples with his relationship with Leah, and his precarious standing with her group.

Not only do all of these developments compliment each other very well, moving the story along nicely to the first of three finales the last season has planned, but it also features several big character interactions that hint at some major confrontations to come.

After this, there's only one episode left in the first eight-episode chapter of the show's final season, and whilst Promises Broken is not without its faults, it certainly hints at a thrilling conclusion to its first big arc.

With that in mind - and a warning about major spoilers - here are 7 Ups & 3 Downs from The Walking Dead's latest episode.

10. DOWN: What's Up With Leah?

The Walking Dead

When Leah was introduced at the end of season ten, the writers and actress Lynn Collins did a fantastic job of making her a compelling, three-dimensional character in just a single episode.

When she returned earlier in this season, revealed to be a member of the Reapers, her narrative potential swelled, and she's added great conflict to the show's central drama, Daryl's uneasy undercover work, and the Reapers themselves.

But in Promises Broken, it's hard to escape the fact that much of her development has been tough to follow: she's simultaneously loyal to her group, unsure about Pope's leadership, confused by her relationship with Daryl, and just generally tough to pin-down.

All we know about Leah is that she's constantly undermining Pope, despite him seeming to have a major soft spot for her, and that she says she's willing to do anything for her "family."

At the moment, her development feels somewhat stilted and uneventful, and she seems only to exist to add complexity to Daryl's arc instead of being her own, well-explored character.


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