The Walking Dead Season 6: 18 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

9. Grand Theft Auto

The Walking Dead Easter Eggs
Gene Page/AMC

The main Saviour who appeared in the season finale, outside of Negan and Dwight, may have looked rather familiar, and there's a good reason for that. 

Although not a named character, he's played by Steven Ogg, who is best known for his voice and mo-cap work on Grant Theft Auto V. Because his likeness was used for the game, rather than just the voice, it means fans of the game will be slightly startled to see Trevor rocking up on The Walking Dead. 

This isn't the first link between TWD and GTA: V, as on the game there is a Rick Grimes Easter egg (a sheriff with a name badge that reads 'Grimes'), so the show is returning the favour, and getting a solid addition to the cast to boot. 


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