The Walking Dead Season 6: 18 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

8. The Kingdom

The Walking Dead Easter Eggs
Gene Page/AMC

First appearing in the penultimate episode of the season was this mysterious figure, who runs away from Rick and Morgan. It requires pausing to really see it, but he's clearly wearing armour of some description. 

This looks a lot like the attire worn by members of the Kingdom, a community of survivors led by a character called Ezekiel (he has a pet tiger!). We've not met them yet, but it certainly looks as though we're about to. 

The Season 6 finale then reinforces this idea, as two armoured men offer to take Carol and Morgan back to their home. Given we've already met Hilltop and Negan, the time is ripe for the Kingdom to be introduced, and it's very likely we'll be seeing more of these guys in Season 7. 


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