The Walking Dead Season 6: 5 New Characters You Need To Know

Say hello to the fresh meat for season 6.

Given the way it burns through characters, it is no surprise that The Walking Dead regularly has to add a few new faces each season.

It comes with the territory of a zombie apocalypse I suppose, every now and then someone is going to die (and then have to be killed again lest they return as a reanimated corpse who only wants to eat you).

Often these are the characters we really don€™t want to say goodbye to (never gonna forget you, T-Dog), and the show makes no bones about killing off anyone at anytime.

Last season we sadly had to say goodbye to Beth and Tyreese, both of whom were probably too good for this world anyway, but met a few new characters at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

That€™s going to be the central location for season 6, and since the show is spending more time there, it€™s going to flesh out the place even more.

It has been confirmed that Merrit Wever, Corey Hawkins, and Ethan Embry have joined the cast for the sixth season, with a few other additions probable before it gets underway, and here€™s a look (based on what€™s been said and the comic-books as well) at the new characters we€™re set to meet in October.


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