The Walking Dead Season 7: 6 Things That Could Go Wrong For Rick

As The Walking Dead edges closer to the end of Season 7, could Rick's plans crumble around him?

The Walking Dead Rick Hand
Gene Page/AMC/mage Comics

Things are finally starting to look up for Rick. He's got his confidence back after facing turmoil at the hands of Negan, and most of the group are back together and working on the optimistic goal of destroying the Big Bad. The show has switched gears and is headed for war.

Rick's luck might be changing now he has the Scavengers on his side, but the show doesn't allow its heroes any easy victories. Sacrifices have to be made, and he's starting this fight with a serious disadvantage against the growing power of the Saviours.

As always, things are never as they seem with The Walking Dead. New communities and factions are starting to come into play, meaning there are many more pawns in the game for Rick to face. As he hatches a plan to destroy Negan and his army of Saviours, he also realises that he's running out of time. At this rate, it's going to be a while before Rick is back on Easy Street.

6. Trash City Takeover

The Walking Dead Rick Hand
Gene Page/AMC

In the closing sequence of episode 9 we met a new community who have been living in a kind of junkyard trash city since the outbreak, giving Rick some hope after Ezekiel turned down his offer for war. The numbers are strong, and the group can clearly fight. The collective has picked up a Star Trek-esque lexicon and their leader, Jadis, has an interesting way of making Rick prove himself. In true hero-Rick style he defeats ‘Winslow’ and the two groups begin forming an alliance - but an alliance with whom?

Rick is desperate and would do anything to take down the saviours. After Ezekiel made his feelings clear finding a group this large and ready to fight is almost a dream come true. However, he doesn’t really know anything about the Scavengers, so is he just swapping one enemy for another?

Yes, they could defeat the Saviours but what would life be like if they owned the Alexandrians? The group’s weird language and gestures and Jadis’s flirtatious, animalistic staring would usually cause alarm in Rick, but he can only see defeating Negan. Should we be worried about their repetition of ‘we take, we don’t bother,’ and their primal attitude? How will they react if Rick can’t come up with all the guns they have asked for?


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