The Walking Dead Season 7: 6 Things That Could Go Wrong For Rick

5. Rosita Becomes A Saviour

The Walking Dead Rick Hand

Since Abraham's death Rosita has been more defiant towards Rick than usual. Even though Abraham dumped her for Sasha with the immortal line, “When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on earth. I was wrong,” Rosita can’t seem to get past his loss.

In recent episodes Rosita’s attitude has been noticeably more Saviour-like, she’s tired of all the inaction and she constantly undermines the others. In the mid-season finale she tried to kill Negan herself against Rick's wishes to stand down and narrowly escaped his wrath. Now her and Sasha are targeting him again.

Negan likes to play games - and also likes people with a fighting spirit - so he could reward her attempt at murder. Rosita might want to go it alone, but from her mixed-up emotions and inability to think as part of the group it’s clear that she could be manipulated into leaving Alexandria. She’s a tough fighter and, now that she's showcased her bomb skills, if Negan manages to get to her she could become more of a threat to Rick than a friend.


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