The Walking Dead Season 7: 7 Things You Missed In Episode 6

The numbers... The numbers... LOST?

The Walking Dead Numbers
Gene Page/AMC/ABC

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 served up another location, another returning heroine and another stack of new characters to ponder how and when they will meet their inevitably gruesome demises.

Tara was the focus and scavenging was her aim. Sunglasses aside, she failed to return to Alexandria with a great haul after falling foul of a whole new community set to enter proceedings.

But while Tara couldn't find a goldmine, Episode 6 was brimming with little hints, nudges and nostalgic moments that you could've easily missed during the show...

7. The New Community

The Walking Dead Numbers
Gene Page/AMC

The world of The Walking Dead is growing. Tara stumbled her way from the frying pan of a desolate beach head-first into the raging fire of a community armed to the teeth with weapons.

'Shoot first, ask questions later' was certainly the Oceanside motto but how important will this new land be?

Oceanside itself hasn't been seen in the comics, but its people have. They're fishermen (not exclusively ladies), and that is their export to the Saviours. Could we be heading out to sea in TWD?


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