The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2: 7 Things You Might Have Missed

6. Morgan's Book

The Walking Dead tainted pigs

Morgan has an apprentice. Benjamin is a member of The Kingdom with a tragic history. His father was killed by Negan and the gang, and Ezekiel has taken him under his wing ever since, but Morgan holds the responsibility for training him up into a fine asset to the settlement.

He instantly hones Ben's skills in the art of aikido and at one point passes him a book that may seem innocuous but fans have seen it before, in the hands of a much-loved one-off character.

Eastman. Remember the man in the hut who inspired Morgan's inner-change? Okay, he was the man who owned Tabitha the goat... But nevertheless, his impact has been profound. Morgan was given 'The Art of Peace' book and now he has handed that off to Benjamin. It's a nice moment of sentimentality and adds a sense of history to Morgan's character who clearly keeps a hold of items that may be of use in the future.


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