The Walking Dead Season 9: 10 Reasons To Actually Be Excited

10. Goodbye Scott Gimple, Hello Angela Kang


Early this year it was announced that Scott Gimple would be hanging up his hat as showrunner, with writer-producer Angela Kang would be stepping into his shoes. The news came as a relief to many The Walking Dead fans who felt Gimple was largely responsible for the downturn in quality of the past two seasons and are still irked by his decision to kill off Carl.

Though Gimple will still be somewhat involved having been promoted to chief content officer of the entire Walking Dead franchise, it does mean he’ll likely be far less involved in the day-to-day production side of things, which should prove a step in the right direction for the show.

Kang is certainly a qualified enough replacement. She’s worked on the show since 2011 in various positions including producer and story editor, and was the writer behind several acclaimed episodes including ‘A’, ‘Thank You’, and ‘The Same Boat’.

According to Kang, with her promotion to showrunner she intends to give Season 9 a fresh new look and feel with a Western kind of vibe and lots of exciting storylines to look forward to. Fingers crossed Kang is the breath of fresh air the show so desperately needs.


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