The Walking Dead Season 9: 10 Reasons To Actually Be Excited

9. The Time Jump


Taking a lead from the comics, Season 9 of The Walking Dead will kick off a year and half after last season’s finale. A hell of a lot can happen in the space of 18 months especially if you’re living in a zombie apocalypse so it’s effectively a bit of a reboot when you think about it, albeit a soft one.

If the trailers are anything to go by it seems the survivors have been pretty busy in the interim. Hilltop looks like it’s thriving in a medieval kind of way with a brand-new windmill and lots of farming, probably thanks to Georgie and her Book of Post-Apocalyptic Life Hacks from last season. New communities are being welcomed into the fold, Alexandria is being rebuilt, Maggie has had her baby and romance seems to have blossomed between Carol and Ezekiel.

On the flipside Father Gabriel is now blind in one eye, intercommunity conflicts are still plaguing the survivors and things are looking tense as all get out between Rick and his two former allies Daryl and Maggie.

It’s safe to say a lot has gone down in the intervening months both good and bad but the best thing about the time jump is it’ll distance Season 9 from the disappointment that was the last couple of seasons and means we won’t be dwelling too much on their events. Out with the old, in with the new as it were.


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