The Walking Dead Spoilers: Everyone Who Dies At The Fair

The Walking Dead gets its 'Red Wedding', and heads get put on pikes.

The Walking Dead Alpha Pikes

One of The Walking Dead's biggest, deadliest, and most shocking moments from the comics has now arrived on the small screen.

For some time now, the show has been building up to The Fair, an event set up by Ezekiel as a coming together of the various communities, not only to trade goods but also to put any past animosity behind them and make a fresh start.

It's not just conversations and plot points in the show that have been building up to the Fair, but the marketing team behind the AMC series have as well, with frequent warnings that 'The Fair is Coming' and comparing it to what's arguably the most shocking TV moment of the decade, Game of Thrones' Red Wedding.

Needless to say, then, that there are a lot of characters deaths at the Fair, which comes towards the end of Season 9's penultimate episode, The Calm Before. Following the comics, it unveils a number of characters with their heads mounted on pikes, allowing who actually dies has changed from the page to the screen. With major spoilers to follow, find out who suffered at the hands of the Whisperers during all the 'fun' of the Fair...


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