The X-Files: 10 Best Characters Only In One Episode

Great characters who we hardly knew.

X Files

The X-Files is an all-time classic SciFi television show and the third-longest SciFi show ever made, following behind Stargate and, of course, Dr. Who. The show has had a total of eleven seasons and two feature-length films that grabbed audiences with its intriguing stories and compelling characters.

The main plotline of the show revolves around the classic dynamic duo of special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they travel around the globe chasing the ever-elusive truth hidden behind government lies, monsters, aliens, and the paranormal which constantly impact the lives of innocent civilians.

Mulder and Scully are constant companions for viewers of the X-Files along with several other repeating characters like the Smoking Man, Alex Krychek, and Assitant Director Skinner. All of who show up several times throughout the show, offering their own views on the truth and if the people of the world deserve or don't deserve to know it.

But during the almost 12 year-long lengths of the show's run, there have been the occasional one time characters that only appear in one episode as either companion's, antagonists, or victims, that totally steal the show. They do so through either their motivations or impact on Mulder and Scully or even simply having cool powers.

10. Dr. Bambi Berenbaum (War Of The Coprophages)

X Files

When a small town in the northeastern US suddenly becomes infested by killer cockroaches, Mulder and Scully disagree on exactly what the bugs are doing to the ever panicking civilians. Their disagreement leads Mulder into a seemingly abandoned house under the control of the US Agriculture Department.

Inside the house, Mulder is swarmed by an honestly terrifying amount of cockroaches and thankfully is saved by the very attractive but also very annoyed Dr. Berenbaum in her shorts and a loose T-shirt.

Dr. Berenbaum, who Mulder gives the pet name "Bambi" due to her parents being naturalists, has a very comedic look at explaining UFOs. She simply sees them as swarms of cockroaches that encounter pockets of electricity causing them to glow.

Mulder's infatuation with the doctor that compliments the size of roach genitals makes Scully very jealous. But hilariously Scully's jealously ends up being for naught when the sexy Dr. Bambi finds another scientist who wins her over with his intelligence instead of his physical appearance.

This makes Scully very satisfied as she comments on how the pair may have some of the smartest children ever, and leaves Mulder with a simple line "Brains are the new sexy."

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