The X-Files: 10 Best Characters Only In One Episode

9. Marty Glenn (Minds Eye)

X Files

This episode of the X Files was a lot more like a traditional NCIS episode than the usual truth hunting episodes due to Mulder and Scully being tasked with solving a case involving a smart ass and supposed blind woman named Marty Glenn who somehow stabbed and killed a known drug dealer.

The part where it truly gets strange is when Mulder comes to believe that Marty can, in fact, see but only through the eyes of someone else as they commit the crimes she tries to take the blame for.

Marty is definitely one of the more rebellious characters of the early X File seasons, with her smart-aleck humor and rebellious teenage-like mood swings. But behind that rebellious side, she reveals quite a sad story involving her blindness and her fear of the person actually committing the crimes being imprisoned.

It is discovered by Mulder that Marty's mother was stabbed and killed by Marty's father, which most like created her blindness. This act ended up psychically linking the two allowing Marty to have seen only what her father saw, which was mostly the inside of a prison cell.

Marty decides to use her gift to kill her own father and ended up in prison anyway. But Marty leaves Mulder with a more hopeful conclusion to her story by stating that now she can only see the ocean. This ocean in her mind's eye may be heaven, or simply her imagination finally left to roam free.

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