The X-Files: 15 Creepiest Creatures

The X-Files is known for scares, and these are the worst culprits!

The X-Files spent the better part of a decade scaring the socks off of television viewers by presenting a twisted menagerie of creeps and ghouls unlike any other show on television. Sure, Star Trek had the coolest alien races, and Buffy had some pretty awesome monsters, but most of them were pretty obviously just guys in rubber suits or with prosthetics glued to their faces growling a whole lot, and a lot of times they came off more campy than scary. With a bigger budget than most of its closest competitors, The X-Files was able to branch out and come up with some incredibly unique creatures, aided by the fact that the show had a knack for hiring some generally unheard of yet extremely effective actors to portray them - a credit to their excellent casting department. Take the infamous Donnie Pfaster, for example. Though Pfaster had no real special power other than being absolutely, one-hundred percent creepy. Pfaster was played to perfection by Nick Chinlund, an actor who would go on to appear in Con Air, Training Day, Chronicles of Riddick, UltraViolet, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Sopranos among other movies and television series after his original 1995 appearance as the necrophiliac Pfaster in the episode "Irresistible" (he would reprise the role in the season seven episode "Orison"). Pfaster managed to make audiences cringe just by being so incredibly sick and twisted, right down to his overly normal appearance and cold, dead voice. That's just one example. There are plenty more of all shapes and sizes from The X-Files over the years, some human (or humanoid) with powers that made them extremely creepy, others altogether unrecognisable as anything close to life as we know it. That was the joy of the show when it came to the monsters - while in many cases human beings could be the worst monsters of all (we're looking at you, Cigarette Smoking Man), you could have a microscopic organism killing hapless innocents, or a mutated animal, or just about anything else. Now, lets take a look at the fifteen creepiest creatures from over two hundred episodes of The X-Files.
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