The X-Files: 15 Creepiest Creatures

15. The Arctic Worms

Appeared in: Season 1, Episode 8 - "Ice" One of the creepiest sensations imaginable is the idea of a worm or parasite getting in your ear, squirming its way inside - so if that makes you squeamish, you might want to avoid the first season episode "Ice," one of the great early episodes of The X-Files. "Ice" does a lot of things right, most of all setting up the feeling of isolation at the remote Arctic research station the episode is set at. It's The X-Files' homage to The Thing, and it's done quite well. Only instead of a mutant alien, it's a parasitic worm brought up in an ice core sample that turns hosts aggressive that is the real enemy. All the other nods to The Thing are there however, from the locale to the paranoia between rescue team members, to the station's original inhabitants killing themselves off (think of the Norwegian camp in The Thing) - heck even a dog plays a major role in "Ice" which has to be a wink at the horror classic. When it comes down to saving the day, the cure is almost worse than the disease - a second parasite introduced into the body via the ear canal does the trick, as the two parasites kill each other off. These little worms were simple, yet extremely effective in creeping out the audience.
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