The X-Files: 21 WTF Moments From The Season's Final Two Episodes

Just... WTF?

The X-Files revival has come and gone, all too quickly for most fans. It had its ups, and it had its downs, its scares, its laughs, and just as often, its WTF moments. Lots and lots of WTF moments. The final two episodes of the season, which consisted of Babylon, a tale of terrorism and psychic ability, and My Struggle Part 2, the follow up to the season opener, a story involving aliens, a man-made plague, and world domination plots, could not have been more different - night and day really. The latter was played as a serious, straight continuation of the ongoing mythology of the show, although it attempted to move into a "new" mythology story line that dropped the alien colonization concept entirely. The former attempted to tie the show into current events, no small task for a series that peaked in the 90s - but straddled the fence between serious drama and comedy. In short - Babylon was zany, My Struggle Part 2 overly dramatic, but both were on equal footing when it came to shocking, surprising moments. Lets take a look now at some of the best of these moments from the two episodes: here are twenty-one WTF moments from Babylon and My Struggle Part 2.

21. Mulder Throws Down

Fox Mulder didn't have a lot of physical scenes in the revival, but when he finally threw down, he really threw down. In a fun little action sequence in My Struggle Part 2, Mulder and a would-be assailant working for the Smoking Man tear up most of his living room throwing each other around. A couple of good shots and some judo tosses and suddenly we realize how much we miss Mulder getting down and dirty. It's a shame it took until the end of the season for something like this to take place, but at least we got to see it in the end. A request for whatever form the series returns in next: more action please!

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