Tiger King: All 5 Upcoming TV Shows & Movies Ranked

We haven't yet heard the end of Joe Exotic's wild story, or of the man himself.


Netflix's Tiger King series captured the viewership this year, with the star of the series, Joe Exotic, taking the world by storm. It is no surprise, following the success of the series, that a number of projects are now in the works adapting the story. The show has been a breakout hit and each of the stars of the show have been propelled to stardom, with people all over the internet weighing in on the mysteries of the show.

Another series of the documentary, a movie, and 8 episode miniseries, and others have all been announced, with people desperate to hear more about the bizarre owner of the G.W. Zoo and have their questions answered.

The role is one that has been bounced around, with names like Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey and others all being suggested to lead an adaptation of the series. While one Exotic has been definitively cast in Nicolas Cage, there are other projects where the enigmatic and unpredictable zoo owner is still to be cast.

The projects that have been announced are all in early stages, with very little known about them, yet they are generating buzz, capitalising on the world's desire to see more Joe Exotic.


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