Titans: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Which Titans characters were the heroes we needed, and which ones failed to save the day?

DC Universe

The first original program to make its presence felt on DC's streaming service (the DC Universe), Titans hit screens last October. Though the show may not have been perfect, it was indeed a major improvement over the reviled trailer that Warner Bros. released at San Diego Comic-Con.

Improvement would be a recurring theme for Titans, as the show gradually improved each week until around the fifth episode, after which its standard increased dramatically and, quite frankly, it hasn't looked back since. The reason for that improvement was down to its direct focus on its few main characters - ironic considering that much of the original criticism stemmed from its lack of heroes.

From the emotionally conflicted Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson, to the demonically-possessed Rachel Roth, Titans made sure to spend an intricate amount of time on the character-building in order to make its titular heroes as compelling as possible. And while not all of them proved to be revelations, many of them shone.

Now, with the second season (and a horde of new characters) set to hit our screens, let's take this opportunity to look back Titans' major characters and, while we're at it, rank them.

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