Titans Season 1 Finale: 7 Major Questions We’re Left With After 'Dick Grayson'

The Titans finale may have been thrilling but left us with a lot of unanswered questions.

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Contains spoilers from Titans Season 1, Episode 11.

It's hard to believe that Titans has completed its first season already. The DC Universe exclusive series arrived on our screens back in October, following months of scepticism from fans after its divisive Comic-Con trailer. However, it managed to turn things around early in its run and delivered an incredibly impactful and engaging debut season.

Focusing on the mysterious Rachel Roth, Titans saw Dick Grayson, Kory Anders and Garfield Logan all unite to protect the troubled teen from an organization that was attempting to use her darkness for, well, dark purposes. However, all of these potential heroes were struggling with their own internal demons.

The season finale, titled 'Dick Grayson', highlighted this, as Dick's venture into the deadly Trigon's lair saw the Boy Wonder entrapped in a mystical dream where he was forced to return to Gotham City and face off against the Dark Knight himself - who had become a murderous monster in the wake of Commissioner Gordon's death.

While it proved to be a visual masterpiece - the whole thing was like a twisted comic book that had come to life before our eyes - it ultimately did very little to satisfy us and, as a result, it has left us with a lot more questions than answers.

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