Titans Season 1 Finale: 7 Major Questions We’re Left With After 'Dick Grayson'

7. Will We Ever See Batman On The Show?

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While Titans has done a solid job of relaying the necessary information in regards to Dick's backstory, it's been intentionally ambiguous when it comes to Batman. Throughout the show's run, The Dark Knight has been referenced on multiple occasions, with the closest thing to an appearance being a silhouette of Bruce Wayne in the hallway. That is, until the finale.

With the majority of the episode being a brilliantly Gothic dream sequence set in Gotham City, where Dick returned to after learning of Bruce's plans to kill the Joker, it was only a matter of time until the pair crossed paths - which they eventually did in the hospital. Of course, as the show hasn't actually cast an actor to play Batman, there was once again a lot of smoke and mirrors involved - with the episode relying on dark shots, pointy-eared silhouettes and CGI-window escapes.

While it was only a dream, it was undoubtedly the most significant use and reference to Batman that the show has ever made, and it leaves us wondering if they will eventually cast an actor to play the part. Remember, the same issue befell Supergirl during its first season in regards to Superman, until the showrunners were eventually granted full use of the Man of Steel and subsequently cast Tyler Hoechlin in the role. Could Titans follow a similar path in its second season?

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