Titans Season 2: 6 Things That Have To Happen

When are the Titans going to become the, well, Titans?

DC Universe

The debut season of DC's latest take on Robin and the rest of the Titan crew has just concluded with something of a cliffhanger, leaving Season 2 with an enticing opening to work with. Trigon has emerged, Robin's inner demons could be too much to handle, Gar could be on borrowed time, and Starfire is on a dire mission that concerns the life of another team member. To top it all off, an unexpected appearance from a Young Justice character and his companion hints at the Titans world reaching a far greater scale than some likely expected.

There are plenty of possibilities for the plot and characters next season, but this list won't be focused too much on those components. Instead, this will be centered on aspects like tone, characterization, and other elements that served to hurt season 1's overall quality. A superfluous amount of name drops that sometimes rivaled Ready Player One and several villainous characters that failed to make an impression are just a couple of problems that stood out amidst a pretty strong first season.

If it hopes to mirror the likes of Daredevil (which its tone and action implies exactly that), then it has to fend off these nagging issues that hold it back from being the bright star in DC Universe's royal crown.

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