Titans Season 2 Finale: 6 Ups & 5 Downs From ‘Nightwing’

A new Titan rises and an old one falls in an entertaining but muddled finale.

Titans Season 2 Nightwing

Contains spoilers from Titans Season 2, Episode 13.

Titans' second season may have initially been more concerned with tying up last season's storylines than it was setting up its own, but it did continue its predecessor's trend of improving with each episode. It couldn't completely maintain that momentum, as Dick Grayson's spiral into self-loathing resulted in a convoluted narrative that spent too much time retreading some of the first season's lowest points, but it did eventually get to the crux of its compelling story. The ride wasn't smooth but provided the writers got it right, the destination would be worth it.

Now, here we are. We've finally made it through the angst, broodiness and repetitive separations to reach the moment that Titans has been building to for almost two seasons. The moment in which the show gets to leave the troubled past behind it and move into new and exciting territory. Yes, the moment in which Dick Grayson finally becomes Nightwing.

An aptly titled finale, 'Nightwing' saw Dick unleash his new heroic persona on his arch-nemesis Deathstroke as he sought to save Jericho while the team attempted to take on Cadmus. The result is both effective and fun as the episode does exactly what it sets out to do, but it doesn't entirely hit the mark and is ultimately undercut by a baffling creative decision.

First, the negatives...

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