Titans Season 2 Finale: 6 Ups & 5 Downs From ‘Nightwing’


5. Jason's Absence

DC Universe

Given that we'd spent quite some time getting to know Jason Todd, it was rather frustrating that he didn't play a larger part in the finale. In fact, it's rather frustrating that he hasn't been able to play a larger part in the back half of the season.

Ever since the Titans went their separate ways (again!), the character has, for the most part, remained off-screen, finally receiving a little attention here and there over the past two weeks as his romance with Rose blossomed and died as soon as it began. But it was okay, because it was building to a bigger role for him in the finale, right?! Wrong.

Jason did make one very brief non-speaking appearance when he showed up for Donna's funeral - a move that garnered him a nod of respect from Dick. But as he drove off into the sunset on his motorcycle, we were left wondering if he'll even return next season.

Curran Walters has been an exceptional addition to the show and provided Season 2 with some of its best moments, so his reduced role in the finale just feels like a missed opportunity.

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