True Blood: 10 Answers We Must Get In The Final Season

Before the curtain falls on Bon Temps, there's things we need to know.

There are three things True Blood is most famous for: carnal violence, gratuitous sex, and dangling plot threads. With the seventh and final season upon us, we can be assured that all of these will factor into the closing moments. With so many unanswered questions surrounding the multitude of loose ends left pending, we have decided to make our picks for the ten most relevant, based on story considerations as well as fan expectations. To summarize the state of affairs in Bon Temps: A six-month time jump quickly followed the death of Warlow and the events around the violent end of Truman Burrell€™s vampire camp. The Hepatitis V virus Burrell used to taint the supply of Tru Blood now runs unchecked through the streets. Infected vampires are turning deranged, desperate to quench an endless thirst. The US government is overwhelmed and at least the rural areas, such as Bon Temps, are left to fend for themselves. Arlene owns Merlotte€™s Bar and Sam is the Mayor. Sam and Bill pass a local measure to pair each individual resident with a vampire in a mutually beneficial bond: protection and an untainted blood supply. Sookie has hooked up with Alcede and while they are at the community barbeque following the mandatory Hep V screenings, a large horde of psychotic infected vampires rapidly close in around them. And Eric might be dead. That's a hell of a lot of irons in the fire. So, where should we start?
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