True Blood: 5 Best And 5 Worst Stories

True-Blood-temporada-3-600 True Blood season 6 has begun! So the best way to celebrate this is to talk about the five best and the five worst stories in True Blood seasons 1-5 with an added feature at the end discussing what we think will be the high and low points of season 6 based on the season 6 premiere. Lets start with the five worst!

5. Sam Discovers His Family/Sam's Darkside

true blood merlotte This Season 3/Season 4 story line was a disaster. The original premise of Sam going to discover his long lost shifter family was a good one. The results 'sucked'. Since True Blood is a drama, his real family had to be a group of depraved, desperate, white-trash criminals. I know that they tried to make Tommy likable but it really was too late for that. Killing them all off was seen as the only option. The 'darkness' of Sam's family led to Sam taking a dark turn at the end of season 3. Showing through flashback Sam being betrayed by someone he thought loved him, leading to him killing the girl and her real boyfriend, before shooting his own brother. Now whilst none of us can blame him for shooting Tommy, I think that this darker Sam, after him being a hero by almost dying for Bon Temps in the season 2 finale just didn't sit right with me. Sam deserved, after his ordeal in season 2 to find a shifter family who introduced him properly to the world of shifting, possibly introducing him to a love interest then, rather than waiting till season 4. Saying that however, I do have to admit that I am a fan of shifter therapy and the resulting romance that came out of it, one of the highlights of season 4, but could have been written in to season 3 without dark Sam and his white trash family.
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