True Blood Final Season: 10 Favourite Characters Who Could Die

Not everyone's getting out of Bon Temps alive...

With the seventh and final season of True Blood only weeks away, it€™s time to dust off our fangs and prepare for one wild, bloody ride. Season Six ended with a six-month flash forward. Bon Temps is back to relative normalcy but the Hepatitis V virus now runs rampant across the country. New best-selling author Vampire Bill and the honorable Mayor Sam Merlotte push forward a national measure to pair each citizen with a vampire for the mutual protection of both species. With hordes of Hep V infected vampires moving single-mindedly towards Bon Temps, the season concluded with the promise of chaos and homicide on the horizon. Everyone appears to be on the chopping block this season and according to Ryan Kwanten, Jason Stackhouse on the show, some important fan favourites are not going to lasting through to the season€™s end. Who will live and who will be off to see their maker before the final curtain closes? Leaving out the obvious choices of The Big Three (Sookie, Bill, Eric) we have made our predictions of which fan favorite characters lead the list of possible victims. If there is anyone we missed, or perhaps you have a €˜stake€™ to claim for the death of one of your own favourites, we invite you to join the conversation in the comment section below.
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