True Detective Season 3 Ending: 4 Biggest Unanswered Questions (& 8 Actually Explained)

Hays and West's journey has many unanswered questions, but the writer decided to change that.


True Detective Season 3 has debuted all 8 episodes; the mystery was put forth and within two months solved. Writer/Creator Nic Pizzolatto brought us a third season of the hit drama that had arguably one of the greatest seasons of television in history and an exceptionally underwhelming follow-up.

Pizzolatto took to Instagram recently to answer any questions fans may have after they viewed the season 3 finale, Now Am Found. The fact that so many questions were left ambiguous at the end of the eight episodes may have sufficed for some viewers, but no doubt infuriated others. The point isn’t to find out what Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson; the point isn’t to know whether MacReady or Childs is the real Thing; we’re not supposed to know if the top fell over. Ambiguity is an artform, not a hindrance. Regardless of which side holds the majority, the creator answered those pesky queries that fans felt weren’t answered properly.

The following 13 questions were all still up in the air once the final credits rolled this past Sunday, but since then many have gained answers. The answers that weren’t given will be brought to light while the ones that were will be explained and dissected.


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