True Detective Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

6. The Directors

Green Room Patrick Stewart

True Detective Season 3 looks set to recapture Season 1 in a few ways, and one of the ways to help that was bringing in a director to give the show an overall look, much like Fukunaga did with the first run (and something sorely lacking in the second).

Jeremy Saulnier, the director of Blue Ruin and Green Room, and a superb emerging talent, was the man tapped to take the reigns, alongside Pizzolatto making his directorial debut too. Unfortunately, while it was previously expected Saulnier would direct the majority of the season, scheduling conflicts - and reported creative differences - have meant he's only directed the first two.

Taking over the reigns, and serving as an executive producer too, is Daniel Sackheim. He might not quite be as visionary as Saulnier, but having directed multiple episodes of same of the decade's best TV shows - including Game of Thrones, The Americans, and The Leftovers - he's more than a safe pair of hands. The full make-up of who is directing what is yet to be confirmed - Saulnier has the first two, Sackheim episode 3, and Pizzolatto the fourth, but beyond that isn't known - but there's nonetheless a strong lineup there.


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