The Prisoner's fast losing viewers for ITV1, as Doctor Who's ratings plateau for BBC1

The Prisoner: ITV1 The third episode of ITV1's The Prisoner (a remake of the '60s cult sci-fi) dropped to 1.56m (7.1%) on Saturday night, losing a mammoth 85% of Britain's Got Talent's 10.17m viewers. This six-part remake, starring Jim Caviezel and Sir Ian McKellen, premiered with a disappointing 3.07m and has fallen sharply ever since. Earlier that same evening on BBC1, the concluding episode of a Doctor Who two-part adventure, "Flesh And Stone", attracted an audience of 6.53m (32.8%). That's comparable to last week's 6.6m, and the figure is likely to rise to around 7m once BBC HD and iPlayer viewing figures are factored in.
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