Twin Peaks: 10 Questions That Still Need Answering

Things to ask yourself before the revival blows your mind all over again.

It€™s official: the Twin Peaks revival is imminent. The most enigmatic show on television went out with a fanbase in shock and outrage as beloved eccentric Dale Cooper was revealed to be possessed by demon BOB after a wonky chase through the otherworldly Black Lodge some twenty-two years ago. What happened next? Thanks to David Lynch and a new deal with Showtime, we can finally find out. But the problem with Dale is not the only one fans have been clamoring over. We€™re just as upset over the final fates of the other town residents we grew to love, as well as the mystery of that confounding Red Room located somewhere at the heart of the equally haunting and inescapable Black Lodge. Who survived the bank vault blast? Did Leo escape? What other secrets lay within Project Blue Book? And what was up with those owls? You can feel a little like a lunatic taking about Twin Peaks, a show with its own secret language of arc words and esoteric phrases. But that's part of the fun the show affords, a mystery that unfolds like a Russian nesting doll: one greater truth reveals the next mystery. This being Lynch, not all mysteries will be solved, and he wouldn't do this unless he can pose a few new ones. But there€™s just enough WTF pie this show left on the counter for fans to puzzle over until the show€™s return to air in 2016.
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