Twin Peaks: The Return: 10 Most Wonderful & Strange Theories Examined

5. The Source Of The Hum At The Great Northern Hotel

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We were just as intrigued by the humming sound in The Great Northern Hotel as Benjamin Horne and Beverly Paige, who walked around the place trying to deduce where the noise was coming from, but struggled to locate the source of the low-key drone.

So we put on our best theorising hats to come up with some ideas as to what might have been causing the sound; immediately remembering that Benjamin’s daughter, Audrey, used to have spying rooms concealed within the walls of The Great Northern - is it possible that this is where she has been hiding out?

Another interesting theory suggests that, since the camera focused on the wall at the end of the scene, the humming is a reference to Josie Packard, whose spirit became trapped in the wood (a drawer knob, to be specific) of the lodging house when she died.

The third option is that the hum is closely associated with the moment that Dale Cooper escaped the Lodge, as Beverly tells Ben that the noise “started about a week ago”, which seemingly corresponds with the time that Cooper re-joined the world.

Perhaps the humming sound has a connection to the recently returned key for Room 315 (where Agent Cooper previously resided for the duration of the Laura Palmer murder investigation) after Jade dropped the item into a Vegas mailbox on behalf of her client Dougie Jones.

“Something is happening, isn’t it Margaret?”


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