Twin Peaks: The Return: 10 Most Wonderful & Strange Theories Examined

6. Audrey Horne Is The Anonymous Billionaire In NYC

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Marc Hom via EW/Showtime

Audrey Horne, the daughter of wealthy businessman Benjamin Horne, is one of the only major returning characters to have not made her appearance in The Return yet, which means we’re examining every scene closer than Sam Colby ever examined the mysterious glass box in the New York City loft.

Speaking of which, the identity of the “anonymous billionaire” who funded that covert project, wherein Sam was hired to monitor a transparent cube at a mysterious Manhattan skyscraper, remains unknown – even though there appears to be one very likely suspect.

Given the box’s connection to The Black Lodge and Audrey’s genuine affection for Dale Cooper, it is probable that she is the person responsible for setting up these experiments as a means of saving Agent Cooper in the same way that he saved her.

However, this theory relies on the notion that Audrey acquired the same business acumen skills as her father – who owns multiple businesses in the northwestern town – to climb the corporate ladder and build an empire of her own, amassing a fortune that could support her undisclosed undertaking…

Because she’s Audrey Horne, and she gets what she wants.


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