Ultimate American Dad Quiz: Can You Name That Roger Disguise?

Test your knowledge of Roger's many memorable personas.


American Dad is a great series that many regard as being better than Family Guy. The reasoning behind this is mostly because of their focus on story over cheap cutaways. But what really sets this series apart from the rest is Roger the alien. The obnoxious, booze-filled extraterrestrial that resides in the attic of the Smith house is great because of his many interesting personas.

His many disguises, that range from children to the geriatric, are one of the best aspects of the show. This guy has been almost everything in his time on Earth. He has portrayed Golem from Lord of the Rings all the way to the likes of actor Kevin Bacon. It would seem there is no limit to what identity Roger can manifest.

Over the many seasons of American Dad, fans have witnessed so many of them grace the small screen. These personas are intricate to the balance of the American Dad universe. So it's not just fun and games, there is a method to this madness.

Audiences constantly enjoy the shenanigans Roger's alter egos get into. Now, this is there chance to see how well they know Roger's disguises. All answers at the end!

1. Can You Name That Roger Disguise?


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