Umbrella Academy: 11 Biggest Questions After Season 2

Say hello to... the Sparrow Academy?!

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The second season of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy is finally upon us. After over a year of prolonged waiting, we finally got to see what happened to the Hargreeves siblings after they narrowly avoided being incinerated in the apocalypse, which they tried so desperately to stop, by jumping into a time portal.

Unfortunately for superpowered siblings, however, while they did succeed in travelling back in time to 1960s Dallas, they all arrived at separate times. Moreover, the apocalypse followed them, too – albeit in the form of a nuclear war this time. Once again, it was up to the Umbrella Academy to reunite and find a way to stop the world from ending for a second time.

Containing all the hyper-stylish action fans were hoping for alongside another phenomenal soundtrack, the second season also expanded on its world and characters in fascinating ways, introducing us to newcomer Lila (played spectacularly by Ritu Arya) and hinting more about the eccentric and abusive life of Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) in the process.

With the series climactic final episode ending on a nuclear bombshell of a cliff-hanger, we’re left with plenty of questions about what the second season.

Beware of massive spoilers ahead.

11. Who Exactly Are The Majestic 12?

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Dying just prior to the main event of the first season, eccentric billionaire and founder of The Umbrella Academy Reginald Hargreeves remained an enigma to viewers. Seeing him briefly in a handful of flashbacks as well as a candid conversation with Klaus (Robert Sheehan), all we really knew about Mr Hargreeves was that he was far from being a supportive father figure, or a pleasant person in general.

With the second series taking place in the 60s, however, we got the chance to meet the man before he was involved with the Academy. Verbally degrading his future children on multiple occasions, he was just as venomous and mysterious as his future self.

Near the start of the series, it’s revealed that Reginald was involved in plotting JFK’s assassination, working as part of a shadowy organisation known as the Majestic 12. But other than that, we know nothing else about who this cabal really are or what they’re motivations were – or even why Hargreeves agreed to work from the obviously sinister organisation in the first place.

Could a third season finally tell us more about Hargreeves’ past?


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