Vikings: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters

Looking at the guys you love to hate.

Vikings Yidu
MGM Television

Vikings follows a tribe of northmen who raid and pillage lands to strengthen their settlement in Kattegat. As bloodthirsty as these barbarians can be, their enemies are more despicable. Throughout the show, the vikings battle some of the evilest characters imaginable, including ruthless regents, power-hungry savages, wild berserkers, and traitors among their ranks.

However, there are many lesser-known characters that are just as wicked. In fact, some of them are even worse. Naad nearly destroyed everything Kattegat stood for despite only appearing in a handful of episodes. Yidu's stay on the show was brief, and yet she has been vilified by viewers just as much as Ivar or Oleg. Even though Tanaruz was a child and never spoke a word, we couldn't help hating her after she killed among the most beloved characters in the series.

Because this lit only showed up a couple of times, you may have forgotten their names. But because of the evil they committed and the lives they ruined, you will never forget the hatred they forced you to experience. Here are the ten supporting Vikings characters you can't help despising.

10. Haraldson

Vikings Yidu
MGM Television

Haraldson is the first leader of Kattegat we see in the show and serves as Ragnar Lothbrok's first antagonist. A noble warrior on the battlefield in his youth, it was sensible Haraldson became the kinsmen's ruler.

But after his sons were murdered, the once noble earl became cruel and vengeful. When Ragnar suggested his raiding party should travel to an unexplored region, Haraldson immediately dismissed him, claiming it was a fool's errand.

So, when Ragnar returned with riches from new lands, Haraldson was left humiliated. Driven by pettiness, Haraldson took every opportunity to belittle Ragnar, confiscated his hoard, and sent his underlings to destroy his farm. He ultimately challenged Ragnar to a death match, where he was deservingly slain.

Even though Haraldson served as the series' first big villain, you can understand his way of thinking. He lashed out, not out of malice, but out of desperation. Feeling his authority slip away, he instinctively attacked his own people to reaffirm his title as king. As understandable as Haraldson's behaviour was, it's beneath any ruler to indulge in childish squabbles with his subjects, especially when Ragnar's findings benefitted his people.

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