VIkings: 10 Worst Things Ragnar Lothbrok Did

Everyone loves an anti-hero but this is pushing it.


As the show Vikings comes to a close with its sixth and final season reaching its penultimate episode, it is time to look back at the man who started it all: Ragnar Lothbrok.

Throughout the seasons, we bore witness to some of the incredible moments that helped Ragnar grow from an ambitious farmer to a legendary King of Kings.

To many fans, Ragnar is the embodiment of the show, with an outstanding performance from Travis Fimmel. Ragnar managed to balance the childlike wonder of an explorer with the ferocious tenacity of a great warrior, often being just as cruel as he was kind.

Even after his departure from the show, his presence is still felt among his children and loved ones. It is hard to say if Ragnar was truly a good or bad ruler as he cared deeply for his family at times, but was also very quick to anger - which often led to bloody consequences.

While he is a brilliant example of an anti-hero, let us look back at some of his more dishonourable deeds that would make any fan question the legacy he left behind.

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