Vikings: 8 Most Insane Fan Theories

Floki is a god? Ragnar isn't dead? What other wild Viking theories are out there?

Vikings Floki
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History Channel's hit series Vikings was a wonderful experience for many viewers. It perfectly blended Nordic mythology with genuine history, and delivered on a tonne of action, drama and fun. The show ran for six seasons and gave fans plenty of material to watch, but it also provided lots of potential for fan theories.

Michael Hirst - the show's creator - was always cautious with the series, as he deliberately left a tonne of things to the audience's imagination. For example, the supernatural elements could be interpreted in a variety of ways, as they only ever directly impacted the characters, rather than the world.

This ambiguous approach to the story and setting meant that anything could be hiding beneath the surface, making fans everywhere constantly question scenes and motives in the search for hidden answers.

The following entries will give you some of the most bonkers theories ever conceived by the show's fans. Some of them are so crazy that they might even be true, but seeing as the series never confirmed any of them, it's up to you to decide how valid you believe they are.

This list will contain heavy spoilers.

8. Sigurd Still Lives!

Vikings Floki

The sons of Ragnar Lothbrok are some of the most influential and important people in the world of Vikings. They all attained a large degree of fame purely for being the children of the legendary figure, but that didn't stop some of them from biting the bullet rather quickly.

Season four saw the demise of the slightly lacklustre son, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye. After a heated argument with Ivar the Boneless, he ended up falling to his brother's axe and became the first son to join their father in Valhalla. But did he really?

Well, yes, he did. However, prior to the show's climax, plenty of fans were convinced that the axe didn't kill Sigurd, but instead put him into a brief coma. This theory stemmed from the fact that historically, King Aelle's daughter Blaeja - played briefly in the show by Caitlin Scott - married the snake-eyed figure, and the pair went on to have four children together.

The theory further claimed that Sigurd would rise back and take revenge on Ivar thanks to his new power in Northumbria after marrying the deceased King's daughter. Sadly, this theory never came to fruition, but it would have been interesting to see it play out.

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